Benjy’s diary entry

Benjy has written a fantastic diary entry, inspired by Michael Morpurgo’s “Why the Whales Came.” He is up to chapter 4 so far – we cannot wait to see the writing he produces from the rest of the book. Well done Benjy.

27th September 2017

Dear diary,

Today, Gracie and Daniel came to my cottage, properly scared of something. But when they saw me, they were shocked, I guess that did not expect me to just be a normal man Or meet me anytime soon, I let them have my finest bread, Good bread may I add. I told them why my old cottage was such a mess, I don`t get visitors much.. The last person I`d ever saw was my mother, that was 30 years ago…

War. One of the worst things to happen to man, Gracie and Daniel told me that their teacher predicted this would happen. I guess he was right, sadly… Why would man innovate to kill their own kind, it`s one thing I will never understand. Gracie told me about the amount of high quality timber that washed up on shore. I told them to hurry and tell everybody about it.

By Benjy


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  1. Benjy this is very insightful into the thinking of the Birdman, from “Why the Whales Came.” You have clearly been following the book well and you have shared his concerns and perspective after finding out about the war from meeting with Gracie and Daniel, in a thoughtful way. Very impressive! Keep up the good writing and reading.

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