2 Days of Silence

Daniel has created a thoughtful and mature poem from the perspective of a soldier in the trenches in World War One.

2 Days of Silence

There has been 2 days of silence
The boredom is exhausting
My fellow servicemen and I are waiting for something to happen
When the gas bomb hits
We were waiting for it to end, but it didn’t

We were rushing to grasp our gas masks
We were looking into a void
The gas was wrapping itself around our lungs, tightening at every second
It was like a burglar breaking through every piece of clothing we had
It was burning every part of skin it could reach
We were waiting for it to end, but it didn’t

I lunged for my gas mask and pressed it as hard as I could to my face
As I put my mask on I realised what was happening around me
Most of the soldiers dead, the others were slightly injured
These soldiers were strong pals of mine so I did everything I could to help them
I tightened the gas masks around my friend’s heads
We were waiting for it to end, but it didn’t

I peered over the top of the trench
I see a swarm of German soldiers sprinting towards the place they just bombed
There were no soldiers that were ready for what was going to happen
The amount of our soldiers did not balance theirs
They arrived ready for this attack
We were waiting for it to end, and it did in terrible way


  1. Daniel, I re-read this poem today and was moved by it again. You’ve built such an image in my mind – it’s very thoughtful and maturely handled.

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