Ellis’ lightsaber

Ellis is a huge Star Wars fan. He loves his lightsaber and has written a description of it below. We love that he has given clear reasons it is his favourite toy and his use of the word ‘also’ to help his writing flow nicely. Well done Ellis.

My favourite toy is my lightsaber and it is great because when I use it is destroys baddies. It also looks blue with buttons on it which makes it light up blue. I also like it because it is Obi-Wan Kenobi’s lightsaber. He is my favourite because he is the best at fighting and doing other things.

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  1. Ellis, your lightsaber sounds fantastic. I hadn’t realised that they come in different colours – I would choose blue too as it is my favourite colour. I have a little cousin who would adore this. You have inspired me to buy it for his next birthday.
    (Primary teacher at CW)

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