Mohammed’s Adventure Story

Mohammed was asked to write a short adventure piece that involved a portal. He planned his essay, wrote a draft, edited it and then typed it up. His use of vocabulary ‘desperate’, ‘golden’, ‘magical’ keeps us engaged as readers. It is a great achievement and we are very proud of him.

Notice that Mohammed’s story is not finished. Perhaps you could add to the story and post it in the comments below.


I was using my laptop and I heard a big bang. I went over to go and look. Suddenly, I was in space and I saw aliens. They put me in a cell and I tried to get out, but I could not escape. So I was trapped for 2 days and then I’d had enough and I broke out of the cell and ran away. They were chasing me and I was desperate to escape. I saw a golden magical box and I was so happy because I jumped in it and I went back home. Except it was not home. I realised I was in the wrong house and the wrong country…



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