Albert’s Pizza Pig Tongue Twister


We have been looking at tongue twisters in the primary classroom. We love them!

Albert wrote his own tongue twister called ‘Pizza Pig’. Can you read Albert’s tongue twister 3 times in a row without making a mistake?

Pizza Pig ordered pepperoni pizza with spicy pepper and peas
The pepperoni, pepper and pea pizza was particularly peppery
Pizza Pig ate so much pepperoni, pepper and pea pizza that he felt piggy!


  1. Wow, what a brilliant Tongue Twister written by a very clever boy who is my son!!! I am so proud of you Albert and very thankful to the brilliant Chelsea & Westminster Community Hospital School who help children like Albert achieve their best when they are in hospital.

    Jane Bell

  2. That’s my little Albert. Good boy and what brilliant tongue twister. Love from Michael Jameson. X

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