Aqsa’s poem

Aqsa has written a lovely poem – inspired by Michael Morpurgo’s ‘Coming Home’. We really enjoy the rhythm of the poem and the language Aqsa has chosen.

Fly fly in a stormy day 

Fly fly in a stormy day

I hear a rumble as loud as a roar.

Quick quick find a shelter.

Under the tree in the shadows.

My heart beat getting faster and faster.

Fly fly I had to go.

Keep on trying don’t let go.

Flying for two hours.

I’m getting sleepy.

My heart is getting heavy.

I see a river down below.

I stopped there for a drink with joy.

Must go on must go on.

I reach my home.

I see her waiting there.

In our old family tree.

I have joy I have joy.


  1. Aqsa I thoroughly enjoyed hearing your poem at the Christingle service. You have perfectly captured the robin’s experience of finding his way home, I could imagine for a moment that I was taking that journey too. Keep writing, you have a great talent!

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