Ben’s Facts about chicks


Ben has written a fantastic presentation about chicks – we were lucky enough to hear him read this at the Easter service, along with his friend who showed us images of the chicks. We love his writing – especially the highlight section; we really can imagine how cute they are!

Eggs usually take 21 days to hatch, that’s a long time!

We had 9 chicks and had them for a week. Quick but cute!

The highlights of the chicks were that they were very cute and nice to hold! They are also very loveable!

I recommend them because they do a very good job of calming you down.

Also if you had a difficult day they helped you!

They also keep you company very well!

The age group is probably best in the 5 to 12 years old range because

Under five will need close supervision because we want the chicks to be as safe as possible.

The Improvement I would make is that I wish we could keep them longer because they were so cute and calming!

The Surprise is that I didn’t know they would be so cute!

Some facts. Chickens are able to remember and recognise over 100 individuals, they can also recognise humans!

Chickens can’t taste sweetness in foods however they can detect salt, and most choose to avoid it


  1. Ben, I thought your work was so interesting. I have never had chicks before and certainly feel inspired by your writing to look into it!

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