Connie’s Alliteration Poem

Connie has written a poem packed full of alliteration. Read her fabulous, fantastic, funny poem below. (See what I did there?!)

A What’s what through a magic doorway

Inside a



There is

An amazing alligator arguing

A bouncy ball bouncing

A crafty cat crouching

A daring dog dozing

An enormous elephant eloping

A funky flamingo fighting

A grumpy ghost growling

A hungry human howling

An icy igloo investigating

A juicy jack jumping

A kind Katie kicking

A lucky Lucy looking

A mad monkey moving

A naughty nurse napping

An orange octopus opening

A pink pixie painting

A quick queen quizzing

A rascal rabbit running

A shiny snake slithering

A tiny Tinkerbell talking

An ugly umbrella uncovering

A violent vehicle vibrating

A wicked water wondering

A yellow yogurt yelling

A zingy zebra zapping



Magic doorway

By Connie


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