Ellae’s story

Ellae wrote an imaginative story on the ward, just from a single image. She chose from our selection of door writing prompts and picked this tiny door with washing hanging up outside. Ellae imagined two little mice and a frog living there.

Read her lovely story below:

Once upon a time lived some mice called Grace and Lily-Rose and a frog called Beetroot. They had three little steps leading to their small cottage. They had a wooden washing line with three small items of clothing hanging on it. They loved living there because there was lots of grass to eat and play in.
One day a furry, orange fox came to the small cottage. Grace, Lily-Ann and Beetroot felt shocked when they saw the big, furry fox! He tried to eat the mice but they scared him away with a ginormous paper monster! ‘Don’t touch our house again!’ They shouted.
The fox ran away and he was so scared he ran into the sea. He was soaked! Then the waves pushed him into a gigantic blue whale’s tummy!
The mice and the frog lived happily ever after.

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