Emilie’s Senses Poem

Emilie has written a fantastic poem using her five senses. We love how carefully she thought about each one – I’m sure every reader will find something they can relate to in Emilie’s poem. Well done Emilie!


My senses poem:

The salty taste of taste of Pombears.

The spicy flavour of chirozo on Mummy’s home made pizza.

The bitter taste of Brussels sprouts.

The sweet taste of caramel and marzipan and fudge.


The sound of the violin – I can’t wait to play it when I’m older.

Drums banging that sound like someone is running.


The smell of something delicious baking like pizzas or cakes (or dad’s spaghetti) as it makes me feel hungry.

The smell of strawberry soap on my hands.

(I have a very sensitive nose.)


I like to cuddle my fleece blanket because it is soft.

The touch of cotton wool that is tickly against my skin.


Yellow is my favourite colour and I see it when I look at Chirpy my chick.

I am looking forward to seeing the sun shine bright when I go home.



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