Emilie’s Toy Bunny Story

We have been reading lots of lovely books about toys and games this term. Emilie thought about the toys she has loved so far in her childhood and toys that she has lost. She told us about a toy called Blueberry and imagined the adventures he has been on since she lost him.

The Lost Toy

Blueberry the bunny with a fluffy blue tummy (who had a twin sister called raspberry the bunny) is lost. He was last seen on my hospital bed when I was five years old (I am six now). I felt very worried at first but then I found out that Bluebery wasn’t lost at all, he had been having fun in my house! He had been:

  1. Eating the vegetables in the fridge – mostly the carrots
  2. Jumping up and down on the sofa like it was a trampoline
  3. Digging holes in the flower beds.

One night when I was in bed I woke up to strange noises coming from the living room downstairs. Whizzing, popping, banging, whistling and the beat of drums in party music.

I went back to sleep because I thought I must be imagining it or dreaming.

In the morning…when I went downstairs for breakfast the living room was a total mess. It was a catastrophe! Bits of pizza, cake, biscuits, strawberries, cherries were scattered everywhere. Half a piñata was hanging from the celing and sticky sweets covered the whole floor. Party bags lay on the sofa with soft toy carrots inside. Party poppers and confetti hung from the curtains. I realised there must have been a great party in here last night and I knew it must have been a bunny party because of the carrots in the party bags. It must have been Blueberry bunny’s party!!!

I sat down to have my breakfast so that I could have a good think about what to do next. I thought he must be resting somewhere because of all the dancing and partying he had done. But where could he be resting? I looked everywhere in the house but couldn’t find him – he must have a secret hideout! Then I remembered the tree house and hammock in the garden. I put my shoes on to go out into my garden. There under my hammock, in a tiny slanted gap was…


‘Why is the living room all messy Blueberry?’ I asked him.

‘I had a party because I was wide awake, hungry and bored and I wanted you to wake up and play with me!’

From that day on Blueberry slept in his hammock. He still has parties sometimes but he is only allowed them in my tree house so that he doesn’t wake me 🐰🍕


  1. What a pleasant surprise! I no idea you wrote this story all on your own Emilie? Mummy is so proud of you baby girl! xox ❤️

  2. What a lovely story you’ve told Emilie! Gosh what a naughty bunny he was, I would’nt want him having a party in my house!
    I would like to visit his tree house but I would NOT like to sleep in a hammock!

  3. Wow what a fabulous story Emilie and what a cheeky bunny Blueberry is we’re so pleased that you have been reunited at home! Xxx Gabriella Sienna Tanya & Mike

  4. I loved your story about Blueberry. Bunnies love company and having fun. Your story made me think of my little fluffy white house bunny with tiny ears and pink eyes. He liked living indoors and even when the back door was open, he wouldn’t go out – he preferred carpets to concrete and wet grass. He could be a naughty little bunny and would get upset with me from time to time. I would walk into a room, he would take one look at me, stamp his back foot and turn his back. He could keep that up for a week! He loved biscuits but not any old biscuits. His favourites were sweet biscuits that you have with ice-cream. When he wanted one, he would stand on his hind legs and beg – just like a puppy!

  5. Emilie and I read your comment Jacqui and Emilie would like to know what the bunny is called. She thinks it should be called Thumper or Stomper because of the way he stomped his feet!

  6. What a lovely piece of writing, Emilie. I like how you used the word ‘catastrophe’ to describe the situation. It certainly sounds like a catastrophe.

    Blueberry Bunny sounds like a cheeky character. I wonder what other adventures he might get up to…

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