Kharmel’s Persuasive letter

In the primary classroom at CW we have been discussing our favourite animals. Kharmel loves snakes, in particular milk snakes. His task was to write a letter to me, his teacher, to persuade me that they are a perfect pet to have. He did a very good job – I may be asking Santa for one for Christmas!

Dear Charlotte

I strongly believe you should have a pet snake in your home. They are a very unique pet.

These are my five reasons to have a slithery serpent as a pet:

1: You should have a snake because it will exterminate rats and mice instead of calling the exterminator. Therefore you will save time and money.

2: The snake will protect you when you sleep – if there is a burglar the snake will apprehend the thief.

3: If you get lonely you can play with the snake. Playing with a snake is very fun!

4: If you get poisoned you can make an anti-venom to cure yourself. If you research how to make an anti-venom you will become a fantastic scientist.

5: No one will go in your room because they will be too scared of the snake. So no one will interrupt you when marking books.

As you can see, snakes are very useful pets to have.

You must want a snake now?

From Kharmel

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