Lana’s persuasive writing

Lana has written a persuasive letter to her head teacher. She was shown a picture of a boy and girl wearing a yellow and brown school uniform and then pretended that her head teacher was going to introduce this uniform into her school. We think her head teacher would certainly listen to her views once she had read this!

Dear Mrs Adcock,

My name is Lana, I am writing to say why I think this uniform is unacceptable. This is because other schoools have grey simple and it’s good for any weather.

Also it would be very expensive and the material would be uncomfortable. I don’t like the colour very much.

I prefer the colours we have already.

The girls skirt is too short and the boys shouldn’t have long socks.

How would you like to wear this uniform?

Yours sincerely



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  1. Lana, I love your vocabulary – in particular ‘unacceptable’, ‘expensive’ and ‘uncomfortable’. It’s also great that you included a question at the end of the letter. Really well done!

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