My special creature


Albert chose an imaginary creature from our story writing prompt pack and then wrote about it below. He used his imagination so well – thinking of what he would do with the creature if it was his pet. Tomorrow he will create his very own creature! We love the idea that his creature doesn’t like going to bed!

My special creature

My creature is orangey black. It’s a bit like an owl but it has wings like a butterfly. My creature eats choclte cake because I am a nice boy and I make it for him. He lives in the woods in Wales.  He likes being tickld on the tummy and playing rugby with me. He doesn’t like going to bed or cats because he is sacred of them.


  1. You are a brilliant story writer Albert – Mummy and Daddy are so proud, but we won’t tell Popcorn and Peanut your creature doesn’t like cats!! Xx

  2. You’re right, he looks like he likes tummy-tickling! Lucky him that he gets to eat your chocolate cake 🙂 I bet it’s very good. Great work, Albert! I’m looking forward to seeing your own creation!

  3. Love your description of your creature Albert!! Very imaginative! How clever!
    I like chocolate cake and don’t like sleeping too, does this mean I will turn into your creature if I don’t change my ways! X

  4. Well done Albert so proud of you , great to see you back at school enjoy all the great things you will be learning about love Michael Fiona Amy Jessica & Kate ❤️

  5. Albert we are very proud of you! I will see you later and you can tell me all about your story. Love you xx

  6. Great stuff, Albert! You didn’t tell us if your creature does any smelly things . . . I’m very interested to know!!

    Love from Gravy

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