Northern Lights

James was so inspired by a Geography session on The Northern Lights that he started a story about them!

Chapter One

It was a dark night and everyone was sleeping. Only Jessie and Mike were awake. They saw the Northern Lights and they thought it was a rainbow in the sky. It was magical!

The colours were mixed and when they looked away and looked back again they had changed from red to blue and green to red.

Jessie and Mike were really surprised when they saw new colours like violet and cyan blue!

“It’s the first ever time to see a Northern Light in the sky.” Whispered Mike to Jessie.

“I know, but how did you know the name of it?” asked Jessie.

“In my school we’ve been learning about it!” said Mike.

“Maybe I should tell my teacher to teach us about Northern Lights!” said Jessie.

Mike smiled “Lets go on a big adventure!”


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  1. Wow! the Aurora Borealis looks so wonderful. I like the short way in which you have written this article. I will surely visit Aurora Borealis one day with my family actually I have added it to my bucket list. I will also share this amazing post with my friends. Thank you.

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