Olivia’s Nonsense Poems

Olivia wrote some funny nonsense poems in class today. Her favourite is the one about an anxious octopus called Olly who is afraid of swimming in the sea.


Lucy likes Lucoizade in her lunch.

Lucy thinks Lucoizade tastes lovely in her lunchbox.


Olly the octopus sticks to the shore

Afraid of the orkers and sharks

He only goes in when there’s no one in.

Ecspecially the dog fish who barks.


Candy likes to eat Candy

Because Candy thinks its cool!

Candy is popping candy.

Candy thinks it’s cool.


  1. Olivia you did so well with these poems. You even wrote one for homework over your lunch time! I love the one about Candy eating candy as it is a very tricky tongue twister.

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