Raphael’s Toy Poem

Raphael has written a poem about a toy box. He cleverly builds anticipation by repeating ‘What’s in the toy box?’ We love the way he used a poem as inspiration and created his own version. Well done Raphael.


What Is It?

What is that that stands before my very eyes?

It could be a type of any shape and size.

I’m very impatient, I want to know

Could it be a nerf gun or a crossbow?

Could it bring the family together?

Or something that changes me forever?

What’s in the box full full of toys?

Is it for girls or is it for boys?

Imagine it’s only for girls?

(Like that doll with the curls and whirls)

Could it be from the local store?

Whatever it is, I want to know more!

Is it a crimson car

Or a shooting star?

Maybe a purple plane

Or even a turquoise train?

Is it red, orange, green or blue?

Yellow, brown or multi-coloured too?


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