That’s Obviously…

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We have a new writing game here at Chelsea Community Hospital School and it starts with art – by making just a few marks. Look at the marks below – simple black marks on paper. We have turned it so you see it in different ways – just pick one to add marks to and write about.

We would like you to have a look at these marks and say what you can see. Celeste has started us off below – she has added marks in another colour pen to show what she has seen and written a line to go with it. Either put a few words, or (ideally), extend your idea in 10 words including a verb (see examples below). Please start with ‘That’s obviously…’

The more creative the better! Please take time choosing your words carefully.

Celeste mark

That’s obviously … umbrellas sheltering people on a grey and rainy winter’s morning. (Celeste)

Chick mark

That’s obviously… yellow, fluffy chicks running around happily in a rural farm. (Jonny)

Fish mark

That’s obviously… mischievous tropical fish chasing each other in a shimmering sea.  (Mary)

Mice marks

That’s obviously… two mice, who have just heard the cat is away. (Janette)

Mountain mark

That’s obviously… snowy peaks of a forgotten land, waiting to be climbed. (Charlotte)

Mr airwaves

That’s obviously…Mr Airwaves, he smells anything up to twenty metres away. (Tom)

Tree mark

That’s obviously… an enchanted forest filled with secrets, leading to a castle. (Lala)

Eyes mark

That’s obviously… eyes, watching from the shadows, sensing every move that’s made. (Kerry)



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