The Enchanted Cottage By Eman (11)

I had never been here before. But I felt like I had…

The miniature cottage stood in the distance, hugged tightly by the warm trees. Ivy tickled the slanted roof and the morning sunlight warmed the bumpy stone walls. The sunlight had an easy journey through the windows because there was no glass in them at all. It was as if the little cottage was calling my name.  

Suddenly, the magic door seemed to open and I saw an oval portal, and heard a heavy rushing wind noise. It looked so tempting, the inside looked so small but as I walked through the door everything changed. I was alone… but it felt like someone was watching me.

Peering through the cobwebs, I could see a dainty tea set, laid out neatly on the oak table. I had a look inside the teapot, it looked fine at first, but then it started to turn purple, swirling and sizzling in front of my eyes! It seemed to me as if someone had cast a spell over it and it turned out to be POISON!

All of a sudden, I heard the portal close behind me and a door in front of me creaked open, leading to a dark and gloomy forest. There was no way out except into the forest ahead. I had no choice but to go through it….

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