The erupting island

Chance created his own tropical island in his literacy lesson this week to use as a story plan. His island then became the scene of a shipwreck adventure. Chance’s story is the scroll in the bottle on his island sculpture.

Look at his wonderful island below and read his gripping story. We are very proud of Chance as he said he does not like writing stories, but we think he is a fantastic author!

IslandIsland scroll Island story


The Iland Aventyur

#1 Once upon a time there was a tropcol iland. There was no one on the iland exset for monkies and swinging baboons. And then one day a boat…CRASHED!


The travlus had an idea. They made a lava proof tree using metal from the boat. They watid for the Lava to stop.

#3 When the Lava have stopd they made the boat again and sald back home.


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  1. Hey Chance,

    great Island and crafts work. I like that little tent under the tree.
    Keep up the good spirit!


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