The Magic Box by Florence

Florence read The Magic Box by Kit Wright and worked so hard to create her own version of the poem. We think her ideas are so thoughtful and will inspire others to write poetry too.

The Magic Box

I will put in my box

Sweet, juicy mango pieces

Ten strawberries covered in milk chocolate

A whole orange you have to peel yourself.


I will put in my box

The smell of pear and freesia soap

Bubba’s spaghetti bolognese

And Daddy’s fish pie.


I will put in my box

A horse neighing on a farm

Pigs oinking as they jump in my garden

The sound of a guitar playing slow, calm music.


I will put in my box

The soft fur on my big bunny’s tummy

The feel of the cool water in the swimming pool in Spain on my skin

The bumpy rocks on the surface of the moon

My mummy’s cuddles.


I will put in my box

An episode of Charlie and Lola – when Charlie breaks his arm and Lola does a forward roll

The glittery eyes of Twinkle

The sun going down.


I will put in my box

The climbing frame from my garden

A cool sports car

Five white unicorns

And a bouncy bed I can jump on.


My box is made from

Turquoise cardboard

It has lots of Father Christmases painted on top

My box will open just for me as it recognises my hands


My box is fastened with

The magic of Christmas

It is hidden under my mattress

I open my box on my birthday (31st August) every year.

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