The Green Group have written a poem together with our visiting poet, Philip Wells.
It is a wonderful collaborative piece of work.

What holds us together?
The soul
A shrug of the shoulder, an eyebrow raised
Does your spine hold your back together?
I don’t know what holds us together ……
Creativity holds us together
The purple strings twirling with the orange lava
To make a mist of wonder
I don’t know if it’s an eye
Or a butterfly –
The gentle calm and the quiet of the blue ….
The skill of Messi
Schmiechel bouncing like a kangaroo
Van Basten’s impossible-to-save volley
In the Euros
What holds a team together?
The captain is a role model like the sun
With our eyes and our voices
And our listening
We are the firework
That everyone gazes at
In amazement

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